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Jona Doug

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Jona Doug


Jona Doug is a lifelong creative writer, husband, dad and lawyer in Michigan.   

Though a multi-genre award-winner, he has a penchant for thriller/horrors. He has courtroom trial experience. He enjoys the outdoors... hunting, shooting, fishing, Jeeping, hiking.

A child at heart, Jona began writing in early childhood. His first professional gig was the sale of a fictitious thriller anecdote to The Detroit News for its column, It Happened to Me, at age fourteen. He thereafter worked the craft of short short fiction and poetry before screenwriting.  

Always interested in collaborating on interesting projects, Jona Doug recently contributed as an additional writer on the feature thriller, Outlier, streaming on all platforms as of November 2021.

Profiles and awards at Coverfly, ISA and IMDb.

See more about Jona here, In the Spotlight.


Jona Doug



Jona Doug has spec scripts in many genres of shorts with monthly and annual placements on The Red List in Thriller, Family, Horror and Comedy genres available. 


See some available scripts here.


Jona has assisted filmmakers by co-writing, re-writing and additional writing to spruce-up stories with additional flare and emotional payoff.  He is a professional, deadline-meeting, team player. 

As a multi-genre disciplined story-teller, and  practicing contract lawyer, Jona is trained at discerning the tone of existing content and blending in new content collaboratively with other creators.

Collaborations and credited works-for-hire on great ideas can be rewarding for all parties involved.  If you need a script or co-writing on an existing script or idea in development, reach out!

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Available Scripts

Available Scripts


Boxed In (Action; 10 Pgs) NEW
A straight-edged street racer in a sharp sportscar tries to get medicine to his anxious mother before her panic attack when he's boxed in by a gang of mysterious cars after he honks his horn.

The Blue Ball (Family; 22 Pgs)  NEW
A selfish man sets out to retrieve a blue ball his son lost in the water against the powerful forces of nature that took it -- and learns from the graceful submission by which it was taken. First Place and other top Award Winner (ISA)

Jolly's Sweet Revenge (Horror; 24 Pgs) NEW
A young black policewoman must stop an insidious child trafficking ring before a young boy is victimized only to find out he has his own sweet method of revenge.  
Best Screenplay and other top Award Winner (ISA)

A Visit from the Candyman (Drama Thriller; 8 Pgs)
A sweet young boy unwittingly solicits an insidious drug dealer to get his withdrawing junkie dad out from under a bed --  and ends up in the dealer's custody. First Place and other top Award Winner (ISA)
Old Tom Snyder (Comedy, Drama; 32 Pgs.)
When he finds his son smoking cigarettes, an insecure man engages in a frantic introspective journey for his barber, upon whom he relies heavily for life advice after the barber leaves town unexpectedly. Second Place and other top Award Winner (ISA)

Testament of Nidification (Thriller; 14 Pgs)
A spiritually dead man must reconcile his eternal destiny with his actions as he waits in bed for certain death- by vengeful mob or authorities- after he commits a gruesome.

Closed for October (Thriller; 10 Pgs)
A stoic man's plans for a relaxing Halloween are hampered by an intrusive governing authority and his resulting concern for the welfare of his friend.


White Room (Thriller; Faith, Fantasy; 95 Pgs)  NEW
A faithless seminary student must overcome questions of his faith,  mysterious intruders and events to escape a windowless, doorless room before death takes root.

Caribbean Cruise Vacation (Comedy; 114 Pgs)
A backward-thinking boomer must break free from his white culture-centric comfort zone when forced to take a black teen on a family cruise in place of his estranged son.

Features in Progress (Available Soon)

Jolly's Sweet Revenge (Horror; ___ Pgs) COMING SOON
A young black policewoman stumbles on and investigates possible corruption involving child trafficking and discovers that her innocent little victim has his own sweet method of revenge. 

Halloween Game (Horror; ___ Pgs) COMING SOON
Logline Reserved.

Boxed In (Action; ___ Pgs) COMING SOON
A straight-edged street racer in a sharp sportscar tries to get medicine to his anxious mother before her panic attack when he's boxed in by a gang of mysterious cars after he honks his horn.

All awards placements and additional screenplays viewable at ISA.


Jona Doug


Reach out to inquire about one of my scripts or writing or co-writing on a project.

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